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Community Standards

The chat rooms and message board services are provided by Redhotcurry Ltd. Reference to "We" in these Terms & Conditions means Redhotcurry Ltd. Reference to "the Service" means this website and all services provided in conjunction with it. Reference to "Users" means you and reference to the "Standards" means the points listed hereafter.

At we wish to promote online communication to further the interests of the South Asian community in the UK. We remind all users that in using the Service you are bound by our Terms of Service and Terms of Contribution. As part of that you will be entirely responsible and liable for all your contributions on this Service.


Your Contribution

In order to get the best out of the publicly accessible areas of the Service such as our chat rooms and message boards it will help users stick to some basic principles. Listed below are the postings that we allow and those that we do not allow.

Users should be wary of giving out personal identifying information or passwords to anyone in the chat rooms or on message boards. Users should be aware that when they disclose personal identifying information such as their actual name, username, email address etc. the information may be collected and used by others to send that person unsolicited email from other parties.

It is good practice to allocate yourself a nickname to use in chat rooms to help preserve your real identity.


What we do allow in chat room

1. We welcome people of all ages, races, religions, gender, national origins, sexual orientations and points of view.

2. We only allow legal activity.

3. We allow registered users access to chat rooms when the service is available. We reserve the right to make the service available only at allocated times.


What we do not allow
1. We do not allow pornographic material (text, images or other content) to be transmitted via our service. We do not allow links to pornographic sites.

2. We do not allow sexually explicit material in conversations, room titles, room topics or nicknames.

3. We do not tolerate harassment and do not allow threatening, defamatory, abusive, tasteless or indecorous statements.

4. We do not tolerate profanity in any language in conversations, room titles, room topics or nick names.

5. We do not accept postings or chat in languages other than English.

6. We do not tolerate expressions of bigotry, hatred, harassment or abuse, nor will we tolerate threats of harm to anyone.

7. We do not allow illegal conduct or illegal or fraudulent schemes.


8. You cannot use our chat rooms or message boards to distribute unauthorised copies of materials including documents, photographs, artworks, text, recordings, designs or computer programs.

9. We do not allow "spamming" or multiple postings on more than one message board.

10. We do not allow for the transmission of advertising material in the form of pop-ups, sound waves, emails or web pages, calendars, cards or other promotional devices and will deem this as unauthorised commercial activity.

11. We do not allow the transmission of computer programs that contain viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other disruptive features on the Service.

12. We do not allow any bots or scripts on our server.


13. Similarly any links to sites not related to the topic or those considered unsuitable for the purpose will be deemed as unauthorised commercial activity.

14. We do not allow any solicitation for vacant positions, job vacancies or recruitment in our chat rooms.

15. We will not allow you to impersonate someone else, including our chat hosts or members of the Redhotcurry team or any well-known person.

16. We do not allow deceptive nicknames that make users believe that you are an invited host, part of the Redhotcurry team or a guest of the Redhotcurry Ltd.


17. For hosted chat sessions we do not offer professional advice of any kind. Hosts speak from their own experience and voice their own opinions. Any information provided by a host should not be deemed as solicitation to buy the products and services of the host's company or that of Redhotcurry Ltd. Redhotcurry Ltd claims no responsibility for their remarks.

18. We do not allow disruptive conduct.

19. We do not allow Stalking of other users. Stalking is a serious criminal offence and we reserve the right to release information to the proper authorities.


We reserve the right to remove any postings at any time for any reason.

Minors under the age of 18 must obtain appropriate parental approval before entering a chat room or posting onto message boards.

In all cases we reserve the right to deactivate the accounts of users who persistently misuse our chat rooms or message boards.


End (Rev 11/00)

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