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Secrets From My Indian Family Kitchen by Anjali Pathak, out 26th February 2015
Secrets From My Indian Family Kitchen by Anjali PathakAnjali Pathak grew up understanding that spices were magical ingredients and quickly learnt that just a few could transform a simple dish into something extraordinary. Secrets From My Indian Family Kitchen, published in hardcover on 26th February 2015, takes its inspiration from the recipes that Anjali learnt from her famous family in a beautiful collection of authentic Indian dishes and modern creations that are perfect for all cooks. read more read more

Beyond Brilliant: Inspired Indian Cooking by Dipna Anand, out 28th April 2014
Beyond Brilliant: Inspired Indian Cooking by Dipna AnandShe’s a woman on a mission - a mission to prove that Indian food can be tasty and good for you at the same time. And if anyone can succeed in this mission, it’s Dipna Anand. As the third generation of a family of chefs, Dipna has cooking in her blood. For almost 40 years, her family’s restaurant, the Brilliant, has served traditional Punjabi cuisine of the highest order - praised by everyone from Prince Charles to Gordon Ramsay. read more read more
The Urban Rajah's Curry Memoirs by Ivor Peters, out 9th May 2013
The Urban Rajah's Curry Memoirs by Ivor PetersThe curry industry in Britain is estimated at £1.8bn and employs over 60,000 people. It is fair to say curry has become an integral part of our staple diet but few of us are aware of what ‘authentic’ means when it comes to Britain’s favourite food - how it is cooked and what makes it so sublime. ‘No more!’ cries self-proclaimed Urban Rajah, Ivor Peters whose curry memoirs invoke simple dishes like aloo tikki, tadka and mattar chawal. read more read more
Cinnamon Kitchen: The Cookbook, out 8th November 2012
Cinnamon Kitchen: The Cookbook by Vivek SinghFrom Scottish Angus Fillet with Masala Potato Chips to Black Leg Chicken with Fresh Fenugreek, Vivek Singh, Executive Chef at The Cinnamon Club & Cinnamon Kitchen, marries ingredients and techniques from around the world with the traditions and flavours of Indian cuisine to create something truly unique and exciting in his new cookbook. read moreread more
Madhur Jaffrey's Curry Nation, out 11th October 2012
Madhur Jaffrey's Curry NationMadhur Jaffrey, television's most-loved Indian cook, returns for a major new TV series for the Good Food Channel in October 2012. Travelling across Britain, visiting Indian & South Asian communities, Madhur reveals how it's possible to sample virtually the whole of Indian cuisine without ever leaving the British Isles. In the 'Curry Nation' book, Madhur showcases her favourite recipes. read more read more
Anjum's Indian Vegetarian Feast by Anjum Anand, Out 27th September 2012
Anjum's Indian Vegetarian FeastIn Anjum's Indian Vegetarian Feast, Anjum Anand adapts the true flavours of India, with her trademark concern for healthy eating and a good diet, to make meals that are healthy, light, bright, modern balanced, providing all the protein and other nutrients we all need for perfect health. read more read more
Classic Indian Recipes: 75 Signature Dishes by Manju Malhi, Out 4 April
Classic Indian Recipes: 75 Signature Dishes by Manju MalhiManju Malhi developed her passion for Indian cooking as a child from watching her parents cook, and refined her skills while studying in Mumbai for four years. After her award-winning book Brit-Spice was published, she quickly became a household name, famous for simplifying the fine art of Indian cuisine. read more read more
I Love Curry by Anjum Anand, Out 1 October 2010
I Love Curry by Anjum Anand In India, a curry is any dish whose sauce is flavoured with a harmonious blend of spices. In this deliciously spicy book, Anjum Anand, recently voted Personality of the Year at the British Curry Awards, presents an eclectic choice of her favourite curries. These include 50 great curries and 25 accompanying dishes. read more read more
India: The Cookbook by Pushpesh Pant, Out 28 September 2010
India Cookbook by Pushpesh Pant"India: The Cookbook" is the first comprehensive guide to Indian cooking, with over 1,000 recipes covering every aspect of India's rich and colourful culinary heritage. Unlike many other Indian cookbooks, it is written by an Indian culinary academic and cookbook author who lives and works in Delhi, and the recipes are a true reflection of how traditional dishes are really cooked all over India. read more read more
Curry Easy by Madhur Jaffrey, Out 16 September 2010
'Curry Easy' by Madhur JaffreyIn this delicious collection of new recipes, Madhur Jaffrey shows us that Indian food need not be complicated or involve hours in the kitchen. With over 175 clear, simple and accessible recipes, this mouthwatering cookbook is as beautifully written as her bestselling "Ultimate Curry Bible". read more read more
Indian Takeaway: One Man's Attempt To Cook His Way Home by Hardeep Singh KohliHardeep Singh Kohli loves many things in life - but none more than food. He loves to eat it, he loves to cook it. So when he decided to travel round India in search of his roots, what seemed the obvious thing to take with him? Not a Lonely Planet guide. Not a BBC camera team. No! It was shepherd's pie and Yorkshire pudding. Indian Takeaway is the story of Hardeep's attempts to cook his way round India. read more read more
The Easy Indian Cookbook by Manju MalhiOne of the most popular cuisines in the world, there is more to Indian cookery than curries, and this is the book to bring its wonderful tastes and aromas into your kitchen. So ditch the jars of ready-made sauces and say goodbye to metal take-away trays. read more read more
Curry: A BiographyCurry is a history of the Indian sub-continent and the story of curry as it spread from the courts of Delhi to the Balti houses of Birmingham, from the tiffin carriers of Bombay to the army canteens of Japan. 'Curry A Biography' is an utterly fascinating and accessible history of a food and a culture as well as the creation of Britain's most popular food. read more read more
Curry Culture - A Very British Love AffairThis 216 page work produced in full colour is the culmination of three years research. As well as exploring the factual historical background to the phenomenon described as 'Britain's National Dish', the book looks at urban legends surrounding curry and the people, restaurants, companies, celebrities in this modern multi-billion pound industry. read more read more
Best of Sanjeev KapoorBeing asked to choose just five favourites from Sanjeev Kapoor's cookbook armoury is like choosing your favourite sweet from a box of 'Quality Streets' really like them all and you'd rather not just choose one! What I like about Kapoor's recipes is his unashamed love of cooking. He does not compromise on ingredients and doesn't dress up his recipes with fripperies that add to the presentation but not to the taste. read more read more
Vegetatian Cuisines of IndiaThis book presents the best of vegetarian cuisines of India. It is divided into six sections - Gujarati, Maharashtrian, North Indian, South Indian, Rajasthani and the Best of the Rest. Recipes in each section have been judiciously chosen to give you a real and authentic taste of India. The methodology used in the books is simple and accurate. read more read more
Party Party by Nirmala TilakDelicious food appeals to the senses. What is more satisfying than to see the delighted smile of your guests after a meal that is flavoured with the warmth of your reception and the taste of your cuisine. This book, comprising recipes carefully put together by Mrs Nirmala Tilak, promises you that satisfaction. This book offers you a wide range of recipes that will delight. read more read more
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