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  Health -> Bollywood Workout by Honey Kalaria  
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Bollywood Workout
Bhangracise your way to a better body

By Honey Kalaria
Released 9th September 2002
Format: Video/DVD
Priced: £6.99 - £10.39
ASIN: B00006FI4J
Click here to buy this video today.
Click here to buy the DVD today.

Britain is currently being bedazzled by all things Bollywood. With Europeans having acquired a seemingly insatiable appetite for Indian culture in all its forms (and not just the cuisine!), it seems that the UK cannot get enough of the vibrant colours, passion, glamour and energy of India. Selfridges indulged its customer with a Bollywood extravaganza in May of this year; the West End is being treated to Andrew Lloyd Webber's Bombay Dreams and Robert Carlisle's The Guru looks set to follow the film successes of Bend it like Beckham and Monsoon Wedding. To follow this trend, Momentum Pictures has released Honey Kalaria's 'Bollywood Workout', an exercise video and DVD based on the music and dance of the Indian film and dance music industry.

The video, which is a blend of Bollywood and Bhangra style dance moves and aerobics aims to exhilarate, energise, trim and tone. The brainchild of dancer, teacher and choreographer extraordinaire, Honey Kalaria, the Banana Split Crew who also produced Geri Halliwell's keep fit video, put Honey through the paces during the filming in Putney Studios.

Divided into five parts, starting with a warm-up and ending with a cool down routine 'Bollywood Workout' makes exercise fun. Honey claims "the dance moves can be practised in just a few minutes each day. Bhangracise is a dynamic and highly energetic form of exercise, it is also a fast and effective calorie burning workout for every part of the face and body". The music is based on Honey's debut album 'Time 2 Dance'.

So now you have an excuse for the next time you are caught dancing along with Shah Rukh Khan or Aishwarya Rai Bollywood routine!

About Honey Kalaria

Honey Kalaria started dancing at the age of 4, mastering classical dance, rock & roll, Latin American, disco & belly dance. By her early teenage years she gained the title of professional international performing artist and has performed throughout the world, including dancing in the UK for Her Majesty the Queen, Tony Blair and the late Princess Diana. Honey wanted to share her joy in dance with others and founded Diva Entertainments and Honey's Dance Academy in 1997. It was the first British-Asian dance Academy to open featuring courses in modern Indian dance and Bhangra, as well as acting and dance classes. The Academy is frequently approached by Bollywood film directors offering Honey's students the opportunity to star in their movies.

Click here to buy the ' Bollywood Workout' video
Click here to buy the 'Bollywood Workout' DVD today.
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