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Mirza Tahir HussainMirza Tahir Hussain, who was released after spending 18 years in a Pakistani prison, spoke exclusively to Sonia Deol on BBC Asian Network this morning. Mirza saw his sentence commuted by President Musharraf after an appeal by Prince Charles. right arrow read more
Lord Bilimoria delivers his maiden speech at the House of Lords.Lord Karan Bilimoria, CBE DL, Founder and Chief Executive of Cobra Beer, today made his maiden speech in the House of Lords. The first ever Zoroastrian Parsi to sit in the House of Lords addressed his peers with a speech about the importance of strengthening trade relations between India and Britain. Lord Bilimoria was appointed as a crossbench peer in July. right arrow read more
Kazak Police physically evict a Hindu woman from her homePrime Minister Tony Blair raised the subject of harassment of Kazakh Hindus with the President of Kazakhstan in a meeting at Downing Street today even as 60 riot police and bull dozers assembled inside a Hindu temple in Kazakhstan and demolished five Hindu houses. right arrow read more
Priti PatelOn 20 November 2006, Priti Patel was selected to fight for the new Witham Constituency seat at the next election. It was reported that Conservative Leader David Cameron had placed Priti Patel on an 'A-List' of candidates ahead of the next general election to encourage more BME candidates. right arrow read more
75% of Londoners Back Right to Religious DressNew opinion poll figures show that 75% of Londoners support 'the right of all persons to dress in accordance with their religious beliefs' with 18% disagreeing – a majority of four to one. 82% of Londoners believe 'everybody in London should be free to live their lives how they like as long as they don't stop other people doing the same' with 13% disagreeing. right arrow read more
Shoe polishing on the streets in India. Image by Lalit Nagpaul.India has more child labourers than any other country in the world - with children often working long hours in hazardous sectors such as litter picking, leather processing or construction. Indian charity, the Child In Need Institute (CINI) is calling on all NRIs to help eradicate child labour. right arrow read more
Oxfam acitvists highlight the plight of poorer patients in their 'Patients not Patents' campaign. Image by Crispin Hughes.Oxfam has taken on the pharmaceutical giant Novartis in its latest campaign of putting patients before patents, demanding that developing countries are granted the right to produce affordable medicines. On 14 November 2006, activists recreated a hospital ward in Victoria, posing as patients who have been diagnosed ‘too poor for medicines’. right arrow read more
Gordon Brown meets Bollywood Superstar Amitabh Bachchan.Bollywood movie star Amitabh Bachchan (aka 'Big B') met Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP and joined an exclusive group of individuals - including the Pope, Archbishop of Canterbury and Bob Geldof - who have purchased bonds from the International Finance Facility for Immunization. right arrow read more
Wreath laid in remembrance at the Memorial Gates Ceremony 2006.The Memorial Gates Commemorative Committee this morning (10 November 2006) held its fourth annual wreath laying ceremony at the Memorial Gates on Constitution Hill. A moving service was led by The Bishop of London, Richard Chartres, who addressed the congregation of 250 people and spoke poignantly about the importance of remembrance and reflection at this time of year. right arrow read more
Rania KhanUK Respect Party Member Councillor Rania Khan addressed a crowd of 60,000 protesters outside the US Embassy on 4 November 2006 during a march from the Embassy in Grosvenor Square to Trafalgar Square, London, organised to highlight the issue of climate change. right arrow read more
The President of India (centre, with shawl) and the Lord Mayor (with chain of office) pictured with members of the trade delegation.A delegation of scientists and engineers from the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Mumbai, India, is visiting the University of Leicester Space Research Centre this week (31st October – 3rd November) to finalise design elements of an X-ray camera developed at Leicester for inclusion in Astrosat, India’s first national astronomy satellite. right arrow read more

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Mirza Hussain exclusive on BBC Asian Network (11/06)
Karan Bilimoria's Maiden Lord's Speech (11/06)
Kazakhstan persecutes Hindus (11/06)
Priti Patel selected to fight Witham Constituency
75% of Londoners back right to Religious Dress (11/06)
NRIs Must Help End Child Labour (11/06)
Oxfam takes on pharms giant Novartis (11/06)
'Big B' gives immunization a booster shot (11/06)
Memorial Gates Ceremony 2006 (11/06)
Rania Khan Addresses Climate Change (11/06)
Leicester - Mumbai Space Camera venture (11/06)
Muslims in London: New Report Published (10/06)
Mirza Hussain gets 2 month stay of execution (10/06)
Chancellor praises Hindu Contribution to UK (10/06)
Lord Paul: Chancellor of Westminster Uni. (10/06)
London nightclubs raise Hindu ire (10/06)
Islamophobia rampant during Ramadan (10/06)
Muslim women should unveil says Jack Straw (10/06)
CoE Schools to take in 25% Non-Christians (10/06)
Back to School: Pakistan Earthquake One Year On
Pakistani children face years of school in tents (10/06)
Massive Flooding in North Bengal (09/06)
Gordon Brown and Labour Friends of India (09/06)
Muslims demo at Labour Party Conference (09/06)
Change how Shakespeare is taught in schools (09/06)
Government should help prevent extremism (09/06)
Severe Flooding in India and Pakistan (09/06)
Finsbury Mosque attacked after pope's speech (09/06)
Taj Mahal: Muslim tomb or Hindu Temple? (09/06)
Migrants to march in London on 7 October 2006 (09/06)
New report on post-disaster reconstruction (09/06)
Malegaon bomb blasts kill dozens of Muslims (09/06)
Critics angry at Trevor Phillips appointment (09/06)
BBC survey shows 10% back honour killings (09/06)
American band 786 barred from ExpoIslamia (08/06)
Baseless slur on Islamic Schools (08/06)
Shocking levels of abuse of child workers (08/06)
New Cohesion Commission comes under fire (08/06)
Experts sceptical of Swami Ramdev's claims (08/06)
70% of Londoner's want 4x4s discouraged (08/06)
Thousands pray for Manipur bomb victims (08/06)
Deputy Commissioner visits Hindu Temples (08/06)
Is UK Foreign Policy to blame for terrorism? (08/06)
Hindu Festival to be dedicated to war victims
Indian doctors may get immigration reprieve (07/06)
Race Equality in Public Services (07/06)
CRE Annual Report (07/06)
Southall schoolgirls raise £1500 for villagers (07/06)
More power for the Mayor of London (07/06)
Terrorist attacks in Mumbai
British Hindus don't want to be called 'Asian' (07/06)
Forced Marriages & Sex Trafficking (07/06)
London should unite against racists attacks (07/06)
Zahid Mubarek Public Inquiry Report (06/06)
Peers asks Oxford Scholars to give Hindu view (06/06)
London's media good on asylum issues (06/06)
MPS asked to report on Forest Gate Operation
Forest Gate detainees released (06/06)
Asian Arts Officer wins Community Award (06/06)
Criminalisation of forced marriages abandoned
AWA Founder receives Lifetime Achievement Award
Brent mourns loss of  father figure (06/06)
Dr Abdul Bari, new head of the MCB (06/06)
Mayor of London slams Equalities Review (06/06)
Labour: Consultation on party funding (06/06)
AWA Awards 2006 winners
Asia House cancels M F Husain exhibition (05/06)
AWA Awards 2006 shortlist announced (05/06)
Nisha-Patel Nasri murder, £10K reward (05/06)
Racist attacks in London decline for 6th year (05/06)
Karan Bilimoria nominated for peerage (05/06)
Asian Rich List 2006
'Move Your Mind' Forum in Manchester (04/06)
Iris technology at airport in Manchester (04/06)
'Heart of Hinduism' teaching toolkit launched (04/06)
British Labour politicians visit India (04/06)
Identity Cards Bill receives Royal Assent (03/06)
Employers face £2000 fines under new Bill (03/06)
Vinod Patel recognised for volunteer work (03/06)
Increase diversity among police & teachers (03/06)
UK Charity brings sight to Indian villagers (03/06)
New review shows inequality damages economy (03/06)
UK Parliamentarians meet Commissioner of Bangladesh
Forced Marriage Unit (FMU) launches Campaign (03/06)
New Migration System for the UK (03/06)
Bomb Blasts in Holy City of Varanasi (03/06)
Lord Paul to be University Chancellor (03/06)
Ming Campbell is Liberal Democrats Leader (03/06)
Tackling Racist Bullying in Schools (03/06)
GOSH NHS Trust appeals to Asians (03/06)
First British Survey into Hindu Identity (03/06)
18-24 Year Olds don't bother to vote (02/06)
Asylum Applications at lowest level (02/06)
Black Groups support Ken Livingstone (02/06)
Lambeth - the most racist council the UK? (02/06)
Hindus in religious uproar
Commission for Equality & Human Rights (02/06)
Hindujas donate £3.5M to DoE Awards (02/06)
UK & India agree to save endangered Tigers (02/06)
Pakistani Authorities obstruct Mission (02/06)
Liberals welcome Leadership Contender (02/06)
Hizb ut-Tahrir condemns violent protests (02/06)
Danish cartoons outrage Muslims (02/06)
Asian GP collects £100K for Tsunami Hospital (02/06)
First Asian Woman Chief Whip for Tories (02/06)
Met Chief apologises to Soham families (01/06)
Nasser Hussain to speak at new Asian Forum (01/06)
Muslim Scholar, Dr Zaki Badawi passes away (01/06)
Lord Patten appointed to UK-India Round Table (01/06)
Was Faria Alam right about 'Big Brother' (01/06)
High Court Challenge to Marriage Rules (01/06)
Defend Russian Hindus campaign launched (01/06)
Kids seek Reality TV fame instead of education (01/06)
Safer Neighbourhood Team for all of London (01/06)
Isha Koppikar in PETA Advert (01/06)
Sewa's humanitarian efforts in Jammu & Kashmir (01/06)
DEC plans to spend £190M on Tsunami Victims (01/06)
Britain in strong position for 2006 says Blair (01/06)

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