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Gangotri, the cow 'put down' at the Bhaktidevanta ManorThe National Council of Hindu Temples UK (NCHT) is shocked and outraged after a cow was killed at the Bhaktivedanta Manor in Watford at 9.00am while hindu worshippers were at prayer. The temple claims that the cow was sick but had no disease. read more read more
Gauri Das, ISKCONBritain's first state-funded Hindu school has revised its admission policy following criticism of its attempt to define practising Hindus, and has now made temple authorities responsible for determining the religious status of families applying for their children's admission. The Krishna-Avanti school is promoted by the I-Foundation. read more read more
Kamal NathA powerful Indian delegation led by Commerce and Industry Minister Kamal Nath is expected to tell Britain that its sudden back-dated tightening of visa rules is a protectionist barrier that severely disadvantages thousands of highly skilled Indians living and working in Britain. read more read more
Imran KhandImran Khand, an Asian businessman, paid more than £300,000 to the Labour Party, but instead of disclosing his identity, the party only declared that it received £312,000 from a group known as the Muslim Friends for Labour, the Daily Telegraph reported. read more read more
Rajendra PachauriFormer US vice president Al Gore and Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the UN climate panel, Monday received the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for efforts to highlight man-made climate change. The award is worth 10 million kronor ($1.53 million), and includes a gold medal. read more read more
Jacqui SmithThe Home Secretary Jacqui Smith announced changes to the UK's immigration regime to ensure the system is firm but fair and supports Britain's shared values. The plans include: a points based syste, new electronic checks to count people in and out of the UK and clamp down on illegal immigration. read more read more
BusinesswomanThe Women's minister, Harriet Harman has welcomed a groundbreaking report which defines the 8 characteristics that make Asian women successful leaders in the workplace. The 'Different Women, Different Places' report is the first study of its kind to focus on successful black and minority ethnic (BME) women at work. read more read more
Nat Puri receives and honorary doctorate from LSBUProf. Nathu Puri, Founder of the Purico Group of Companies has been honoured with a Degree of Doctor of Engineering Honoris Causa by the London South Bank University (LSBU), in the presence of Lord & Lady Navnit Dholakia, Rt. Hon. Kenneth Clarke QC MP and Home Office Minister, Vernon Coaker MP. read more read more

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Hindu outrage at killing of sacred cow (12/07)
British priests to define 'practising Hindu' (12/07)
India to raise HSMP changes in trade talks with Britain
Asian named in Britain's party funding scandal
Al Gore & Rajendra Pachauri receive Nobel Peace Prize
HSMP rules changed to protect British values
New study into Asian women leaders (12/07)
Nat Puri receives honorary doctorate from LSBU
Hindu Policy damages community relations (11/07)
Asian Lib Dem MEP defects to the Conservative Party
35 years after Idi Amin, Indians flock to Uganda
Sharma as Commonwealth boss: a vote for India
Bangladesh cyclone causes $929mn loss (11/07)
Islamic Relief raises money for victims of Hurricane Sidr
London Mayor unveils offices in Delhi & Mumbai (11/07)
Pakistan Elections: Bhutto Released, Khan Arrested
The Prince of Wales' dinner for the Asian Community
Rights group to initiate legal action on kada issue
Gordon Brown made an Honorary Indian (11/07)
Mayor of London to visit India (11/07)
'Muslims & The Media' report discredited as a 'whitewash'
New London Survey on Muslim Attitudes (11/07)
Leicester prays in memory of Indian-origin women (11/07)
Doctors Work Permit Ruling to Benefit Other Indians
Britain to vet Indian Science Students (11/07)
Five Million Ethnic War Veterans Remembered
Under-pressure Musharraf says elections by Feb 15
Gordon Brown fuelling racism: Keith Vaz (11/07)
Welsh race body backs Sikh girl's 'kada' case (11/07)
How Asians helped make Victorian Britain (11/07)
Muslim Mentoring Initiative Launched (11/07)
Government underestimates the no. of foreign workers
Asian of the Year: from Lucknow to London (10/07)
Investigation discovers hate literature in UK mosques
Immigration Chief to crack down on illegal working
Ethnic women councillors: swimming against the tide
Policeman claims that more 'Stop and Search' needed
New steps to curb overseas doctors in Britain (10/07)
Leicester campaign for Gandhi statue (10/07)
Hindu 'nose stud' worker is reinstated (10/07)
Asian elders confused by benefits system (10/07)
Mayor welcomes Indian Minister to London (10/07)
Sayeeda Warsi sparks immigration row for Tories
New Law against religious hatred comes into effect
Supreme Court allows Musharraf to contest poll
Britain supports India for permanent UN seat (09/07)
Revelry over India's 20:20 win irks many in Britain
Film on Monica Ali's novel too hot for Prince Charles
Ganesh idols immersed in Liverpool river (09/07)
Lord Ganesh Procession in Southall (09/07)
British Indian convicted for bomb-making manual
A shrine to Mohammad Rafi in Birmingham (09/07)
Faith Leaders Must End 'Conversion Techniques'
Hindu Airport Worker Sacked for Wearing Nose Stud
Jewel Award Winners 2007: Southern Region (09/07)
Denial of democracy will fuel extremism in Pakistan
Indian philanthropist behind UK's first Hindu School
New Report: Faith in the education system (09/07)
Difficult times ahead for Pervez Musharraf (09/07)
Nawaz Sharif deported from Pakistan (09/07)
Swraj Paul buys £6 million estate near Chequers
Will Benazir's return mean a better life for women?
Wealthy NRI pledges to fund Gordon Brown's Campaign
Church Yoga Ban May Be Illegal says Hindu Council
Attack on Indians fuels debate on extremism
Cini UK Launches Child Labour Awareness Week
UK congratulates India on 60 years of independence
India must spend more on basics: Amartya Sen
Oxfam call for rethinking on Asian flood policies (08/07)
Shilpa Shetty recognised with Rajiv Gandhi Award
Kulveer Ranger appointed Tory Vice-Chairman
Oxfam launches appeal for South Asian Floods (08/07)
Appeal launched for South Asia Floods (08/07)
Over a third of British Asians don't feel British (07/07)
Shambo is slaughtered despite protests (07/07)
Pratibha Patil is India's 12th President (07/07)
Sex Equality generations away reports EOC (07/07)
Virendra Sharma wins Ealing Southall By-Election
Honorary Doctorate for Shilpa Shetty (07/07)
Jewel Awards 2007: Central Region Winners (07/07)
TV doctor receives Honorary Doctorate (07/07)
'Radicalisation, Extremism and Islamism' (07/07)
Sewa donates £10K to Brent Youth (07/07)
Labour defections boost Tony Lit'scampaign (07/07)
Hizb ut-Tahrir denounces Tories call for a ban (07/07)
Tony Lit chosen to fight Ealing by-election (07/07)
Lib Dems choose Nigel Bakhai for Ealing Southall
Indian Woman to play a key role in Downing Street
Welsh Assembly ignores pleas to save Shambo
Ofcom fines Channel 5, but not Channel 4's 'Big Brother'
Indian lawyer tops list of legal aid earners (06/07)
Muslim groups angry at Rushdie's Knighthood
Amartya Sen launches new GCSE qualifications (06/07)
British Asians watch less terrestrial TV (06/07)
Mayor blasts discriminatory Board selection (06/07)
Asian MP, Piara Khabra Passes Away (06/07)
Hindu Forum condemns attack on Ramesh Kallidai
Asians honoured by the Queen (06/07)
Hindu Forum of Europe launched (06/07)
Coalition to defend religious freedom launched (06/07)
Asian Elders Club celebrates 13th Anniversary (05/07)
AWA Award Winners 2007
Tories plan to change marriage rules (05/07)
British Hindu contribution to ending world poverty (05/07)
MOD makes diversity pledge
Lloyds TSB Director wins Sikh Community Award
AWA Awards 2007 shortlist announced (05/07)
Holy cow for the chop!
Amartya Sen chosen for Kiel prize in Germany (05/07)
Bashir Ahmad is first Asian MSP (05/07)
Council Elections: A Good Day for Asian Politics
Ethnic Minorities more likely to be on DNA Database
Ken Livingstone is Labour's candidate London Mayor
Climate Change Minister meets Indian Businesses
Pardon Afzal, Karim tells President of India (05/07)
Lakshmi Mittal Tops Britain's Rich List (04/07)
May 7th - Time to Celebrate Immigration (05/07)
South Asians Poorer than Whites in Britain (04/07)
Britain's Hindu Temple prays for world peace (04/07)
First Indian Woman Fellow for Global Marketing Body
Indian gangs linked to credit card fraud in the UK (04/07)
Immigration turning Britain into a 'Mongrel Nation'
Lloyds TSB Northern Asian Jewel Awards 2007
Open Air Funeral Pyres: New Report Commissioned
New points based Migration system to start in 2008
Lord Swraj Paul hails student visa extensions (04/07)
Respect Awards recognise local Asian Hero (03/07)
Government To Strengthen 'Off-Shore' Border (03/07)
Hindus launch campaign to save Holy Shoal Bridge
Lloyds TSB Manager wins 'Woman of Achievement ' Award (03/07)
A Multi-Cultural Insight into Ethnic Minorities (03/07)
India has 36 billionaires, led by Lakshmi Mittal (03/07)
Scarlett Johansson to help Oxfam in India (02/07)
Earn UK citizenship with community work (02/07)
Husband arrested in Nisha Patel Nasri murder (02/07)
Jade Goody says sorry to India (02/07)
Indian students hit by new immigration rules (02/07)
Respite for Indian Doctors in new NHS recruitment drive
Action against aggressive conversion on campuses
64 killed by Samjhauta Express bombs (02/07)
Asian man collects medical equipment for charity
Hindus urge City Bonus winners to fast for charity
Young Muslims inspired by Islamic Fundamentalism
Shilpa Shetty wins Channel 4's 'Celebrity Big Brother'
Lessons in British Values for School Children (01/07)
British Muslim honoured at Forces Memorial (01/07)
Brown awards £5M for Indo-British R&D (01/07)
Swastika must not be banned say Hindus (01/07)
British Academic meets President Musharraf (01/07)
EU urged not to 'water down' Kashmir report (01/07)
Sponsor pulls the plug but BB Execs. remain silent
Channel 4 denies racist bullying of Shilpa Shetty
Asian Nominations sought for Respect Awards 2007
Indian Girl is 'Best student' at Westminster (01/07)
Geophysics professor wins astronomy award (01/07)

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