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News 2008
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 Financial Capitals Unite: Candlelight Vigils for Mumbai Victims
Candelight vigil outside Canary Wharf StationAbout 1,000 British city professionals working in London's Canary Wharf and Finsbury Square took part in two candlelight vigils on the evening of Wednesday 3rd December 2008 in memory of the victims of the Mumbai terror attacks from 26th - 29th November. British-Indian charity SewaVolunteers organised the vigils that took place outside the main entrance of Canary Wharf tube station and in the heart of the square mile - Liverpool St. Among those attending were Tony McNulty MP, Minister for London. read more read more

 Taj Hotel Manager looking for photos of his lost family

Taj Mahal Hotel on fire, MumbaiTaj Mahal Hotel general manager Karambir Singh Kang, whose wife and two sons perished in the Mumbai terror strike last week, was now trying to collect photographs of his family in happier times as all his belongings were destroyed, a family member said here Thursday. read more read more

 India must remain free of cynicism says Sir Ben Kinglsey
Sir Ben KingsleySir Ben Kingsley, the Oscar winning star of Sir Richard Atttenborough's film 'Gandhi', has spoken out about his fears for India following the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. Speaking to Radio 5 live’s Sunday Weekend News, Sir Ben, who has close family ties with India, expressed his deep sorrow at the “chaotic and horrifying circumstances” in Mumbai. He was also cautiously optimistic about the country’s future survival in the wake of terrorism. read more read more
 British Curry King survives to tell tale of Mumbai terror

Sir Gulam K NoonTwo British tycoons were caught in the terror strike at Mumbai's Taj Mahal Palace and Tower hotel. Mumbai-born Sir Gulam Noon, known as 'Curry King', lived to tell the tale. Leading yacht maker Andreas Liveras could not. Liveras was the lone Briton to die in the attack. In contrast, it was for the second time that Noon had a miraculous escape in a terror strike in Mumbai. He had earlier escaped unhurt during the 1993 bomb blasts. read more read more

 First British identity cards issued as points system go-live in the UK
New British ID Card for foreign nationalsForeign nationals will begin applying for identity cards today. Their facial image and fingerprints are taken to securely lock them to one identity and help businesses crack down on illegal working. Later this week new rules to bring in workers through Tiers 2 and 5 of the points system also begin. read more read more
 Tarique Ghaffur resigns from the Metropolitan Police Service
Tarique GhaffurIn a statement issued today, jointly on behalf of Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur, the Commissioner Sir Ian Blair, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Richard Bryan, the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA), Britain's top Asian Police Officer, Ghaffur confirmed that the litigation he had brought against the MPS had been settled. The MPA has reportedly paid £300,000 in settlement . read more read more
NEWS 2008

Financial Capitals Unite: Candlelight Vigils for Mumbai Victims (01/12)
Taj Hotel Manager looking for photos of his lost family (01/12)
India must remain free of cynicism says Sir Ben Kingsley (01/12)
Terrorist Siege over at Oberoi Trident hotel & Nariman House (11/08)
Mumbai attacks: India points to elements in Pakistan, Islamabad differs (11/08)
British Anti-Terror Experts Flying Out to India (11/08)
British Curry King survives to tell tale of Mumbai terror (11/08)
Hindus condemn Mumbai terror attacks - blame UK Charities for funding Terrorism (11/08)
Mumbai's Taj - from icon of grace to symbol of terror (11/08)
Mumbai Terror Ordeal - 101 killed, hundreds remain trapped (11/08)
First British identity cards issued as points system go-live in the UK (11/08)
Lord Swraj Paul honoured at The Asian Woman Awards for Excellence 2008 (11/08)
Tarique Ghaffur resigns from the Metropolitan Police Service (11/08)
New measures to aid ethnic minority recruitment & progression in the police service (11/08)
British Aid being given to corrupt Governments
Government hampers attempts to tackle violent extremism (11/08)
Chronic under-representation of ethnic minorities in the House of Commons (11/08)
Asian War Veterans Remembered at Memorial Gates (11/08)
Watermans celebrates return of Arts Council funding (11/08)
Study reveals marriage dowry as major cause of poverty in Bangladesh (10/08)
Mayor commissions race and faith inquiry from the Metropolitan Police Authority (10/08)
Tough new measures to exclude stirrers of hate (10/08)
1.3m funding for Muslim Community Projects (10/08)
The next generation of Muslim community leaders (10/08)
Met Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair Resigns (10/08)
'British airport officers harassing legal migrants' (10/08)
Indian Goverment must halt violence against Christians (10/08)
France's President Sarkozy has an 'open mind' on turban issue (10/08)
Asian police officer Ali Dizaei suspended (09/08)
Indian Charity SEWA Raises £10,000 to help the blind (09/08)
Foreign students' fees prop up UK universities (09/08)
Minorities lead digital take-up in Britain, but scared of internet banking
Britain's first Hindu school begins term (09/08)
Bose - the Indian behind the Big Bang experiment (09/08)
More brickbats than bouquets for Pachauri after meat eating remark
Asian policewoman in Britain complains of racism (09/08)
Asian race row police officer suspended (09/08)
Indian seeks ruling on open-air cremations in UK (09/08)
New campaign to end discrimination by faith schools launched (01/08)
British fund launched for Gujarat terror victims (08/08)
British court scraps ban on sham marriages by immigrants (07/08)
Southall Black Sisters wins dramatic victory against Ealing Council (07/08)
Crackdown on Foreign Student Visas & Bogus Colleges (07/08)
British Sikh girl wins right to wear kada in school (07/08)
New Provocation Law for Battered Asian Wives (07/08)
Disabled Asians in Britain being forced into marriages (07/08)
British charity donations funding Islamic terrorism (07/08)
Indian PM lauds people of Gujarat, vows to defeat terrorists (07/08)
Terrorists' 'war against India' will not succeed: Modi (07/08)
Third deadly strike by little known Indian Mujahideen (07/08)
Ahmedabad rocked by serial bomb blasts: death toll nearly 40 (07/08)
Marriage visa age raised to prevent forced marriages (07/08)
Baroness Uddin: 'We Need More Asian Women Councillors' (07/08)
Popular British TV programmes 'too white', feel ethnic Asians (07/08)
'Punjab doing little to root out illegal immigration' (07/08)
'India and Britain need to stem illegal migration' (07/08)
BBC sting exposes massive illegal Indian immigrant network in London
New strategy to promote diversity in the civil service (07/08)
Tariq Ahmad appointed as Conservatives' Vice Chairman for Cities (07/08)
Harman and Miliband: more diversity in public appointments (07/08)
Women should have half share of top arts board posts says Hodge
Arts Council's shoddy treatment of Watermans (07/08)
Advertisers can now target nearly 1 million British Asians online (07/08)
Top Asian police officer threatens suit on racism grounds (06/08)
'BBC controlled by white cultural elite' (06/08)
Vaz launches probe into Britain's proposed migration system (06/08)
Caste discrimination does not exist in Britain (06/08)
Watermans wins judicial review of Arts Council decision (06/08)
IT to improve literacy rates in rural India (06/08)
Bhumi Puja for Britain's first state funded Hindu School (06/08)
Asian Women of Achievement Award Winners 2008 (05/08)
Harman announces taskforce to increase asian women councillors (05/08)
Asian charity AFP shares in Government funding boost (05/08)
Asian woman to be London Mayor's New Cultural Director (05/08)
British Sikh is London's new Director for Transport (05/08)
Asian Women of Achievement Awards 2008 Shortlist Announced (05/08)
Inspirational Bangladeshi visits UK's carbon-neutral housing project
Monty launches volunteering scheme specifically for UK Indians (05/08)
Watermans applies for judicial review of the Arts Council's decision (04/08)
Nazia Hassan Foundation Birthday Celebration 2008 (04/08)
Asian Rich List: Mittal tops Britain's rich list again, Hindujas are fourth
Prime Minister attends Labour Friends of India Annual Luncheon 2008
Stop immigration raids on curry houses, says Keith Vaz (04/08)
Maria Fernandes Supports Ethnic Restaurants on Immigration Changes
Female Foeticide: Indian women cry just to be born (03/08)
Indian migrants challenge Britain on visa rules (03/08)
Desperate Asian women faking virginity in Britain (03/08)
It's Gandhi vs. Gary (or Gower) in Britain's Little India (03/08)
Indian doctors' visa case reaches House of Lords (02/08)
Shopkeeper Tony Singh not to face murder charge (02/08)
Cameron: Extremism, individual rights and the rule of law in Britain (20/08)
Conservatives' to clamp down on forced marriages (02/08)
New rules for foreigners seeking British Citizenship (02/08)
New Pakistan Parliament must honour will of the people (02/08)
Mayor threatens legal challenge to Post Office closures (02/08)
Hindu Council refutes caste discrimination in the UK (02/08)
Indian leaders slam PM's lack of engagement with British Hindus (02/08)
Chef shortage crippling curry industry in Britain (02/08)
The push and pull of being an NRI (02/08)
Hindus to stage mock cow slaughter outside Parliament (02/08)
Access to post-graduate medical training restricted for immigrants (02/08)
New immigration points-based system begins (02/08)
Arts Council axe falls heavily on Asian Arts (02/08)
Community tells PM: Government has failed British Hindus (02/08)
Immigration Minister starts community consultation in India (02/08)
National Muslim Women's Advisory Group Launched (01/08)
India announces Padma Awards Winners 2008 (01/08)
Pakistan on the brink of 'Political Catastrophe' (01/08)
UK introduces new Counter Terrorism Bill (01/08)
More British jobs moving to Mumbai & Bangalore (01/08)
Government failing on racism and cohesion say tories (01/08)
PETA India celebrates star-studded 8th birthday (01/08)
Indian doctors in UK often face physical abuse on duty (01/08)
British honour killng inquiry following Asian girl's murder (01/08)
Bilimoria honoured with Pravasi Bharatiya Samman (01/08)
Asian Arts to suffer from funding withdrawal (01/08)

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