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East London's Green Street sees the opening of a new Asian Shopping Centre
East London's Green Street sees the opening of a new Asian Shopping CentreEast London's Green Street saw the opening of East Shopping Centre (ESC), Europe’s first purpose-built boutique Asian shopping mall, which officially opened its doors on Saturday 14th March to 7600 shoppers. Inaugurating the shopping centre was Chief Guest, Lyn Brown MP for West Ham who cut the ribbon alongside Cllr Rohima Rahman, Cllr Ellie Robingson, Cllr Mukesh Patel and Cllr Hanif Abdulmuhit. The impressive shopping centre is built on a one-acre site of a former bus depot and hopes to build on Green Street’s important cultural heritage. read more read more

Mayor gives Southall regeneration scheme the green light
Boris JohnsonA major redevelopment that will deliver significant regeneration to Southall - an area with a high South Asian population - was approved by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson today (25th March 2010). At a public hearing at City Hall the Mayor approved plans for the Southall Gas Works Site, which will create up to 3,750 new homes, of which 30 per cent will be affordable, and generate a significant number of jobs. read moreread more
Mayor gives go ahead to 4.5 billion Brent Cross regeneration
Artists' impression of how the new Brent Cross Crickelwood area might lookThe Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has today (12th March 2010) approved plans for a major regeneration project, which will create a new town centre at Brent Cross in Cricklewood, north London. The 4.5 billion scheme is a welcome boost to the local economy in Barnet and to London. read more read more

Look around several properties before you decide.Buying a home and taking on a mortgage is probably the biggest financial decision you'll ever make, so it's important that you're armed with the facts and go into the process with your eyes open. Admittedly, it's a complicated system with plenty of pitfalls, but if you're shelling out money on rent it's a more sensible use for your money. read more read more
Mortgages can be a financial minefield, so make sure you get good, honest advice before you buy.You might think there's nothing simpler than buying a house - you find a place to call home, borrow the money to pay for it and then move in. Well, that's the theory anyway. Unfortunately, the reality can be a bit more complicated. Some of the problems lie in getting the right mortgage for your needs. read more read more
Old and unusual properties are most likely to need a full surveyDo you know your way around the different types of property survey? Most people buy a house on the strength of a valuation report, which is a type of survey carried out primarily to satisfy the lender that the house is worth the asking price! read more read more
Move somewhere you will enjoy living.For housebuyers in search of an inflation-beating property investment, the big question that they will be asking themselves is: How on earth do I buy into a future hotspot? And which other factors are likely to create an area that's on the up? According to a Bradford & Bingley Estate Agents' (BBEA) report, there are at least four indicators to look for. read more read more
Buying a property at auction need not be scary if you follow a few simple rules.As competition for properties is hotter than ever, a growing number of newbies are considering seeking a new home via an auction, rather than through the traditional channels. RICS says that auctions currently account for around five per cent of all property transactions in the UK. read more read more
Offplan buyers can watch their homes take shape from the ground up.Some say house prices are about to drop, others say they are rising. But how do you buy if there's nothing suitable on the market? One increasingly popular option is the 'off-plan' purchase, in which you buy a house on a new development without having seen your bricks and mortar. read more read more
Thinking of buying abroad? - Here's a few things to consider.Ever dream of cashing in your chips and moving overseas? If so, you're not alone. One in three Britons are plotting their escape from these islands to live abroad. But if you're one of the many people dead set on escaping to paradise, there are a few things you need to consider. read more read more
Selling a house can be just a fraught with problems as buying one!When a house or flat is put up for sale, a complex process begins that can ultimately involve upwards of 20 people and firms. It's not just a question of the buyer and seller - at some stage your house sale is more than likely to involve an estate agent, a solicitor, a lender and a structural surveyor. read more read more
Channel 4 presenter Andrew Winter gives his top tips for 'Selling Houses'With the combination of rocketing property prices and expensive moving costs, many UK homeowners are being forced to improve, rather than move home this year. It's becoming increasingly important that we make the right improvement to our homes in order to get the best price when we come to sell it. read more read more
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