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The Eden Project 'Gardens for Life' appeal for Kenyan school children
Children from the Munyaka secondary shool in Kenya's rift valley grow their own vegetables.Monty Don, presenter of BBC Two's Gardeners' World, is to front a radio appeal for 'Gardens for Life', on 18th September 2011 on behalf of the Eden Project, that boosts education for schoolchildren around the world through gardening. Thousands of pupils in the UK, Kenya, India and Gambia take part, creating school gardens that help them to explore the issues of food security and sustainable development and global citizenship. read more read more

BBC Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq launches Plant Cultures. What's the real story behind the South Asian plants that have transformed British life? Plant Cultures aims to find out what curry leaf, henna, indigo, marigold and tea mean to us. BBC 'Blue Peter' presenter, Konnie Huq, and 'Bend It Like Beckham' director Gurinder Chadha have backed a new project called Plant Cultures, launched by Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and Culture Online on Tuesday 15 February 2005. read more read more
Gurinder ChadhaA host of British Asian celebrities have backed Plant Cultures, an online project launched by Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and Culture Online at The Cinnamon Club in London on Tuesday 15 February 2005. The organisers hope that highlighting twenty-five South Asian plants that have transformed British Life, will provide the catalyst to bring people and plants together and open up a world of Asian culture online. read more read more
Plant Cultures Outreach Projects.Apart from providing easy navigation for browsing of plant names, uses, history and growing tips for South Asian plants, the newly launched Plant Cultures website provides stories from community projects and an image library. There are pages mapping a journey of plant discovery which the organisers hope will make ideal educational tools for schools. read more read more
Most tea pickers are women from the Hindu community - a minority in Bangladesh. They carry heavy loads of tea leaves in sacks tied around their foreheads. Srimangal, Bangladesh .  Jane Robinson and Tony Woods, 2004  Tea is the most important non-alcoholic beverage in the world. More than three million tons are grown each year. The Plant Cultures project explores twenty-five major South Asian plants that have trasformed British Life, mapping each plant historically and in the context in which each is grown and harvested. Listed here are some interesting facts about South Asian plants. read more read more
Cardamom. Image courtesy of Kew Gardens.South Asia is home to many plants that have become central to British life - tea, cotton, spices, as well as medicinal plants and dyes, textiles and beauty products. As well as providing easy navigation for browsing of plant names, uses, history and growing tips, the Plant Cultures website has an image library. read more read more
Less is definitely more for the modern garden There was a time when gardens tended to be unkempt forgotten expanses of scruffy old grass at the back of the house but these days 'the room outside' is undergoing a renaissance with more attention being lavished on it. read more read more
Garden designer Ruth mixed the gunnera with roses to great effectPeople spend a considerable amount of time and effort deciding what carpet to put in their lounge and what surfaces to have installed in their kitchen. But when it comes to the garden, few of us think beyond a lawn and a patio. However, the garden is as important as any other room. read more read more
Kneeling Figure II by Jennifer Tetlow. Picture Courtesy of Jennifer Tetlow There's little doubt that we're pouring ever greater creative effort into our garden designs but with so many drawing inspiration from mass-audience TV programmes there's a danger that your 'designer' garden will end up looking just like the Joneses. That could be one of the reasons why artwork in the garden is enjoying something of a higher profile. read more read more
Painting garden wall and add accessories and furniture.Love your garden but don't have much time on your hands? Then make the most of your 'room outside' with some of these easy makeover ideas that can be completed in a weekend or less. For gardens large and small, a decorative pergola can be a hugely attractive feature, creating an arch or walkway that really draws you in. read more read more
A conservatory can be a stylish and versatile addition to your home.One of the most elegant and versatile additions you can make to your home is the conservatory. These light and airy rooms are wonderful to sit in and relax, hold a dinner party in superb surroundings. read more read more

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