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 Why is 'Apps for Good' so good?
One of the girls who developed the Weather Birds app to help users grow plants, at the Apps for Good Apps launch 2012.I am often asked why I am such an enthusiastic supporter of CDI 'Apps for Good' and the answer is simple - it is one of the best programs to teach young people how to create applications for the digital world. Run in schools by lead teachers (or assistants), the 'Apps for Good' program is a modular course covering the key elements of problem definition, market research, solution and product design and testing before launch. read more read more

 Is the BBC governable?
Chris Patten, Chair of The BBC TrustIn the current crisis faced by the BBC, the UK's licence-fee paid state broadcaster, as it lurches from one quagmire to another, Lopa Patel examines whether the corporation is governable. Acting BBC Director-General Tim Davie pledged to get a grip of the crisis, saying "one thing I don't like is where you've got messy decision making and lack of clarity," before, adding that he will be putting in a clearer structure. And therein lies the first dilemma. read more read more
'Satyamev Jayate' should help solve India's ills
Aamir Khan, host of Satyamev JayateMeaning literally 'Truth Alone Prevails' Satyamev Jayate, hosted by actor Aamir Khan, is an Indian television talk show that aired on various channels within Star Network and on national broadcaster Doordarshan. It attracted record viewer numbers and proved an internet phenomenon. But now, it has a duty to promote solutions to India's ills says sociologist, social commentator & social entrepreneur Pathik Pathak. read more read more
Women on Boards: It's Time for Quotas!
Asian businesswomanFollowing his visit to the Northern Future Summit (8th - 9th Feb 2012), UK Prime Minister David Cameron announced that he is considering bringing in quotas for the number of women appointed to corporate boards. To achieve a sustained and credible shift we need something more than piecemeal projects and calls for a "gentleman's agreement" on a cultural change in the boardroom - we need quotas, now! read more read more
 Aid or Trade? Stop Patronising the Indians
Indian FlagBritain's policy of linking "aid with trade" is much in the news this week as it transpires that the UK's £280m annual aid given to India has failed to secure it a contract for fighter jets. Never mind that I find the concept of giving aid with one hand and expecting a return with the other hand abhorrent, I also think is about time that Britain stops patronising India. read more read more
Revitalising the Commonwealth brand
Commonwealth logoC. Raja Mohan, one of India's leading strategic analysts, has recently suggested that India could play a major role in revitalising the Commonwealth as a "significant international alliance of English-speaking democracies". In pure brand terms of course, the Commonwealth has a great deal of "brand equity". read more read more
 Has anything changed for Indian Women in the last 100 years?
GangabaAs we celebrate the centenary of International Women's Day on Tuesday 8th March 2011, my thoughts turned to the women in my own family. For many years, the woman I knew vaguely as "ba" (grandmother) was not my grandmother at all but a great aunt who single-handedly brought up my father and his four sisters. As I had met my grandmother only once, I asked my cousin Dr Arun Patel to share with me his memories. read more read more
Lord Davies "disses" ethnic minority women in his 'Women on Boards' review
Angry Indian womanLord Davies of Abersoch has inadvertently dissed (disrespected) a generation of ethnic minority women by failing to tackle the issue of quotas for women on UK Corporate Boards. Given that there are no Black British female directors in the FTSE 100 companies and the Equality Commission estimates that it will the UK until the year 2225 to achieve gender parity in corporate Britain at the current rate of progress. Sadly he chose to sidestep the issue. read more read more
Stop trying to 'fix' education with technology
Lord Puttnam, Graham Brown Marting and Jimmy Wales at the Learning Without Frontiers Festival 2011My head is swirling after the 'Learning Without Frontier' 2011 event in London. Based on the ethos of "rebooting education", the event clearly means to change paradigms in education globally and the word "disrupt" was widely used by the profile speakers.But we haven't achieved a new paradigm in education with the use of technology in British schools. The real question is "do we need to"? read more read more
'Big Society' idea in big peril
Good idea?David Cameron's 'Big Society' idea is in big peril. The reason is that it relies heavily on Third Sector voluntary organisations being in a position to "pick up the slack" when cuts in public sector funding take place; whether this is in providing transport for those with disabilities or maintaining the heritage of our country. My own experience with third sector organisations is that many are in disarray. read more read more
Geek Girls just wanna have fun!
Geek GirlFor girls, the option of whether to study further i.e. a degree, will determine not only your future pay packet, but the subject you choose will determine the "pay gap" between you and your male colleague. So choosing wisely at this stage is crucial. Little wonder that the Universities and Science Minister David Willetts spoke only the truth when he said that state schools frequently advised children wrongly about exams. But with advice currently on offer do we have the right choices for 'Geek Girls who just wanna have fun!'? read more read more
Asians are better at 'Big Society'
National Sewa Day 2010The UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, wants Britain to embrace the concept of 'Big Society' where members of the public step in to provide services that have previously been supplied by local councils, central Government or paid contractors. Asians are, of course, better at 'Big Society' than most. This is no idle boast. National Sewa Day, 21st November 2010 is a great example. read more read more
 Britain's Education Cloud
Cloud"I wandered lonely as a cloud that floats on high o'er vales and hills, when all at once I saw a crowd, a host, of golden daffodils", the lines from William Wordsworth’s poem have been haunting me lately, although in the context of an education 'cloud' rather than the literal one. The need for a British Education Cloud has never been greater. read more read more
 Is Islamophobia stopping aid to Pakistan?
Pakistan Floods, Image courtesy of Oxfam.With nearly a third of country under water, 14 million people displaced, a 1600 death toll (and rising), Oxfam have called Pakistan's floods a "mega" disaster. And yet the Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) appeal has raised a paltry £10.5 million after 10 days, despite high-profile TV appeals by Boxer Amir Khan and actor Art Malik. read more read more
 Anil Ambani's Reliance Group should buy British television channel ITV

Anil AmbaniIndian business mogul Anil Ambani's company Reliance should buy British television channel ITV. This would fulfill Ambani's dream to be a global media baron and deliver Indians in Britain the presence they have long craved. The fact that Rupert Murdoch's Sky TV has been forced by UK regulator Ofcom to divest part of its 17.9% in ITV leaves the field clear for Reliance. read more read more
 Why the BBC is right to close Asian Network
BBC Asian Network logoIn a post that is likely to 'lose me friends and alienate people'*, I agree that the BBC should close its digital radio station BBC Asian Network. The station has been losing listeners and has cost far too much. The Asian market is already well served with a commercial radio and TV stations and print & online media publishers will also be relieved when the BBC no longer distorts markets. read more read more
  Iconic Indian Ads: Can India's Ad Industry take on the world?
Limca advertIndia's entertainment industry is likely to create global opportunities for more than films, video games and TV shows. Its advertising industry, drawing upon the iconography of Bollywood, is also set to take on the world. The move was brought to light this week when a twitter trend on the subject became the 2nd most popular topic on the site. read more read more
  The 'Asianisation' of British Advertising: Asians in Adverts

A selection of TV & Press Advertisements featuring Asian faces.There are so many Asian faces in British adverts that it is hard to believe that Asians are still an ethnic minority in this country. But how successful are these portrayals? Are advertisers really trying to target this increasingly affluent ethnic community? Or are they simply latching onto the wave of Bollywood fever that is still sweeping the country? Whatever the 'endgame', why do so many advertisers get it so badly wrong? read more read more

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