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The story of Redhotcurry.com goes way, way back......

The birth of Redhotcurry.com

Originally started in October 2001, Redhotcurry.com  was meant to be a curry recipe sharing website. The simple motto "all the curry and more!" encapsulated the outlook from the beginning. Food is often a great unifier of different races, so much so, that Chicken Tikka Masala is rated as the UK's favourite dish!

In December 2001, Yahoo rated Redhotcurry.com as its "Site of the Week" - traffic sky-rocketed and demand for a greater range of stories poured in. So the website became about curry, cricket and community! And for the next 15 years it continued to publish UK-centric South Asian news, views and reviews in a digestible online magazine (and weekly email) format.

The creation of NewAsianPost.com

But, if you are an Asian living in Britain, it is about more than your last samosa or curry. It is about living a "dual" existence; about mixed marriages, arranged marriages or failed marriages; filial responsibility, family ties, racial prejudice, violence, intolerance, inequality and life's struggle.

Fortunately, Asians are now succeeding in the UK more than ever before. The mass immigration of the earlier years may have seen Asians corner the "corner-shop" market, but the new generation are a totally different force. In all walks of life, from arts & entertainment to politics and the City, Asians are emerging as strong leaders, successful entrepreneurs and wealth creators.

Social integration and acceptability may lead you think that issues about colour, race, religion and origin no longer apply. But that couldn't be further from the truth, so in 2012, I helped to create Diversity UK - a think tank that explores issues about equality and inclusion for the mainstream audience. Diversity UK is a UK Registered Charity and a collaborative organisation that works with a wide range of partners, bodies and key opinion formers to engage in a healthy debate about issues of age, race, gender, sexual orientation and disability discrimination.

Emboldened even further, in 2015, I decided to launch NewAsianPost.com, a name perhaps better suited to the genre of South Asian diaspora news, business, entertainment and lifestyle articles that I write about today. Its ambition is to usher in a new era of high quality citizen journalism focusing on the ‘untold stories and unheard voices’ of the community.

Launch of AsianPowerCouples.com and AsiansinTech.com

NewAsianPost.com also produces two lists annually: AsianPowerCouples.com & AsiansinTech.com, both definitive indices of Asians doing well in the UK, helping the diaspora celebrate success and more importantly, enjoy being different.

When I am not doing that, I also blog about my own passions in entrepreneurship, education, science, technology and women's empowerment on my personal website lopapatel.com.

The re-birth of Redhotcurry.com

A couple of years passed and although my passion for food remained undimmed, there were simply too many other things to do, until now. Nearly 6 months after the old Redhotcurry.com website was finally put to rest, I am delighted to bring you the newly re-designed Redhotcurry.com.

It will be about curry and more. So, enjoy!

Lopa Patel
Editor - Redhotcurry.com

8th August 2017