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London No. 9 in ranking of Best Food Destinations in the world

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London has come in at No. 9 in a ranking of the Best Food Destinations in the world, released by online catering marketplace, Caterwings, on 22nd November 2017. The study reveals the top 100 best food cities around the world, based on diversity of cuisine, quality, affordability and the opinion of food critics. San Sebastian, Spain is the number one best food destination, with a diverse and affordable food scene, the best high-end restaurants and an excellent regard from food critics. Five British cities, London, Glasgow, Manchester, Edinburgh and Brighton made the Best Food Destinations final list.

The Caterwings research began by analysing thousands of cities based on the number of restaurants per capita, as well as established international restaurant rankings to determine the final list of top 100 cities. They then considered which factors are most important to food lovers, opting for four scaleable criteria; the opinion of critics, the accessibility and variety of food on offer, the quality of available food, and the affordability of dining in a restaurant. Within these categories the study included factors such as percentage of fast food restaurants as compared to restaurants, availability of vegetarian/vegan options and number of restaurants per 10,000 citizens.

Due to preferences in taste, they also analysed the quality of both the high-end restaurants and the street food scene in each city. In order to calculate the accessibility and affordability of food in each location, Caterwings calculated how many hours a person on minimum wage would have to work in order to afford a two-person dinner in a restaurant. To round off the study and find out an on-the-ground expert view, they then asked 20,000 food journalists and restaurant critics to rate the quality of both the food scene and the food service in their city. All of these factors were then given a score to determine the final ranking of 2017’s Best Food Destinations, with every city on the final list worthy of recognition and praise.

Whether you’ve always dreamed of trying percebes in San Sebastian or okonomiyaki in Osaka, this study is the ultimate foodie bucket list.” comments Manuel Queiroz, CEO of Caterwings. “Every delicious destination in this index can offer inspiration to food industry professionals such as ourselves, as well as burgeoning chefs, gastronomes and globetrotters.”

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